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Happy Birthday Sunday Sport

Syren Havana Holly and Satine

Last night the Television X girls were out in full force for The Sunday Sport’s 23rd Birthday Bash. Hot babes Syren Sexton, Havana, Satine Spark, Katie K and Holly D were partying as our guests. Sadly, I couldn’t make it, something about me being too pervy and having wandering hands, I don’t know I tuned out after a while. Still, those that did go, people in the office that I no longer speak to said they had a wicked time. Well, mumbled into their cuppas actually, looking a little bit worse for wear.

Also spotted shaking their thang was Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Keisha Kane, Crystal Pink and the delectable Ruby Reds. Really really wish I’d gone! Anyway check out the photos from last night.


Robyn Truelove’s whole night of hot hot sex

Robyn Truelove in Truelove's True Confessions

I was meant to go out tonight for a mate’s birthday but I’m going to bail out, stay in, and watch an entire night of Robyn. Yeah I know I could just watch it all anytime, but there’s something I quite like about watching Robyn on my big old plasma screen. The first two shows airing are actually my favourite episodes with her in as well. The night kicks off with Truelove’s True Confessions where she shows off her exhibitionist side by banging Keni Styles in her front doorway. The second show to air is her lesbo threesome with Claudia Rossi and Linsey Dawn McKenzie. She gets a dirty great big butt plug up her arse which, frankly is brill.

The other show I’m looking forward to tonight is the start of brand new series Cock Sandwich. It stars Paul and Merlin as hot dog sellers who get a very busty first customer, Cathy Barry. She does love a good bit of sausage in her mouth!


Why I Bum Robyn Truelove

robyn and harmony

In a style of post that I thoroughly stole from the beautiful Satine Spark I’d like to spend Sunday listing the ways I fancy the pants off Robyn Truelove
1.    Firstly, she is seriously hot
2.    She went off to the States, got really serious about her work AND still came back to blighty to shoot more pornos!
3.    She says things like this “I plan to be in the industry for as long as my cunt can stand, when it drops off then I’ll retire, I’m even planning to do MILF lines haha!!!”
4.    She got a butt plug right up her bum in Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s I’m Back
5.    I can’t wait to see her and Harmony Hex dressed as bunnies in upcoming show Heavy Petting!


Best Valentines EVER!

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

So I’m not one to gossip (hehe) but what an amazing night last night! I think I might still be drunk. Probably. In which case it might be foolish for me to open up my big ol’ moley gob about all the mischief that went on last night. I’ll wait until I’m sobered up and back at work tomorrow ta very much.
So I’ll leave you with this… a mini Linsey Dawn McKenzie marathon:
Episode one: Keisha Kane & Sasha
Episode two: Keisha Kane & Natalia
Episode three
: And finally, Natalia and Linsey one on one!


Linsey AND Sasha!!

Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Sasha and Havana

It’s not long now until Linsey Dawn McKenzie makes her way back onto our telly screens. I’m pretty excited as not only will it be Linsey, naked and sexy, but some of my favourite yummy girls, like Sasha from Katie K’s Teen Rampage, the delectable Havana and UKAFTA winner Keisha Kane.
Our sister channel Red Hot Double D will be hosting a whole night of Linsey’s saucy exploits on February 7. It’ll be every episode of her new show airing back to back! I just can’t wait!
Now either you’re very clever and you’ve invested in the Ultimate package so that you get all the TVX and Red Hot channels and as you’re reading this you’re also pencilling this date into your diary… or you’re wondering how on earth you can get your hands on this steamy new show. If you’re on Sky you can also pay-per-night and if you’re on Freeview you can actually watch this on channel 97!
Now you’ve got no excuse not to watch this hot babe in action.


Latest Linsey Info

Linsey Dawn McKenzie- I'm Back!

So I’ve dug around and come up with the goods. Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s new series will be called I’m Back and we’ll be starring some of my absolute favourite girls in it. It’s got the award-winning Keisha Kane in one episode, hot punk Havana in another, my favourite Asian babes Sasha and Natalia and the oh so beautiful Robyn Truelove. Red Hot Double D (which is Sky channel 922) will be airing the episodes back to back on February 7. Don’t worry if you’re not a Sky viewer, we’ll be showing these episodes on our Television X Freeview channel (97) so you won’t miss out on any Linsey!


Linsey Dawn McKenzie….. Naked.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie Naked

I know you guys are as excited as me about Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s return to porn. Its all people seem to be talking about in the office at the moment. Well, it’s not long to wait now, only next month and then we’ll start to see some tasty stuff.
I know that Linsey was living in Spain for ages and now she’s come back to Blighty to get a mucky hand back in the adult industry. Obviously, we snagged this top babe ASAP so as to only bring you the cream of the British crop!
I think you’ll all agree this is all pretty awesome, as Linsey looks bloody amazing without any clothes on! I can’t wait to see her hardcore videos.

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