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Check out the latest info I found on the TVX Official Blog….
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“Make sure you check out our latest TV package which gives you all our TV channels, all our websites and a huge bag of goodies including a free Television X t-shirt featuring Kerry Louise, a signed photo and FOUR free Television X DVDs, and all for a bargain price. Call 0871 271 6869 for full details.”

That sounds brilliant! I did find this mobile picture of Kerry Louise wearing the t-shirt with her naked boobs on, and if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will 😉


Meet Powergirls Stars Syren & Kerry TOMORROW

syren sexton kerry louise tvx store signing

And the best bit about it all is that it’s not even a competition! All you have to do is pop along to the Private Shop at 2pm on Brewer Street in Soho, London to see our busty babes in the flesh. Syren Sexton and Kerry Louise will be signing and giving away photos to launch our brand new TV Xcellence package. The new naughty TV package from Television X gives viewers all three Television X Channels, all five Red Hot TV channels, unlimited access to our websites as well as a free signed picture, hot T-shirt and four free TVX DVDs exclusively from Private Shops up and down the country. Blimey! That’s LOADS of stuff! Make sure you call 0871 271 6869 to find out more details and then check out Kerry and Syren’s hot porn star profiles over at the Television X website for FIT pictures of them!


Behind The Scenes For TVX’s Birthday Shoot

I teased you all with some behind the scenes pictures last week from our Television X 15th birthday photoshoot and boy were they some smoking snaps! Now, I have ACTUAL VIDEO FOOTAGE from the day! Yes, video of our luscious ladies juggling about their jubblies for your pleasure 😉 Check out the clip below to see Angel Long, Charmaine Sinclair, Kerry Louise, Lana Cox and more cavorting on camera.

Here’s a link to the topless naughty version as well.


Behind The Scenes on a TVX shoot

Syren Sexton and Sasha Rose bums

That’s right, yet another shoot I did not get to go on. The girls in the office commandeered this shoot claiming that as there were 14 models taking part it would be nice for it to be a girly day. Secretly I think they just wanted to do all the perving themselves. Well, at least they shared the pictures with me, meaning I can share them with you.
The shoot was for Television X‘s 15th birthday and we had Charmaine Sinclair, Teresa May, Lana Cox, Cathy Barry, Michelle Thorne, Vicki Holloway, Sahara Knite, Crystal Pink, Daisy Rock, Kerry Louise, Sasha Rose, Syren Sexton, Lara Latex and Angel Long. How’s that for a line-up?!
Here’s some more behind the scenes pics that I wish I’d seen in real life (click for bigger versions to perv on)…

Girls on the rooftop- Syren and Sasha Girls in the studio- Daisy Lara Michelle Angel topless pornstars on the rooftop


Kerry Louise gets banged by Dean Van Damme

kerry louise and dean van damme in cirque de sex

If this picture doesn’t convince you to tune in to Television X on Sunday 1st August to our brand new series Cirque De Sex then nothing will! What is better than smoking hot Kerry Louise getting fucked by fresh meat Dean Van Damme? Not much in my book. Well, maybe banging Kerry myself but the likelihood of that happening is zero so this will have to make do. Kerry stars as the schizophrenic Dante who seduces a Victorian soldier. Lucky for us she looks just as fit as good Kerry as she does as evil Kerry. Tune in to channel 903 at 10:10pm to check it out.


Meet Jonny Cockfill- more than just a porn star!

Jonny Cockfill and Stacey in John Cherry: Cocksure Captain

My mole gaze which luckily isn’t as blurry as an actual mole, rests today on one Mr Jonny Cockfill. I first saw him pop up in the episode of Calling The Shots directed by the delicious Tanya Tate (mmmm) as she gave two newbies over to Kerry Louise for a casting couch. To me that’s a bit like throwing the poor lads in shark infested waters to see if they can swim as there’s not many men who can match up to our Kerry. I don’t mean that in a bad way, in fact it’s exactly why we love her: fierce, dominating, a little bit scary and a hell of a lot sexy. You know you’d love to have her pin you down and abuse you.
Mr Cockfill is currently starring as the titular hero in our brand new series ‘John Cherry: Cocksure Captain‘, of which you can see a still from above. That’s him in his penthouse apartment about to shag his team-mate’s girlfriend, played by the decidely orange Stacey. Now that is a proper WAG.
You’re probably wondering why I’m wittering on about a male porn star instead of a lovely curvaceous babe like normal. Well, that’s because our Jonny is no ordinary porn star! He’s made a big splash in the headlines over the last few days after it turned out he used to be a school teacher and his pupils stumbled across some smutty photos of his online! Wow, nothing as exciting as that ever happen to me when I was a teenage mole. I can imagine that if I did ever discover any of my teachers in a porno I might have paid more attention in class.


It’s official- Best Film Brand!

Our ETO award for Best Film Brand

Our office is buzzing this week with the news that we picked up a prestigious ETO award this weekend past. As you can see from this snap of our award we bagged the ‘Best Film Brand’ which is really good as it’s only people that work in the jizz biz that get to vote. Thanks ETO and thanks voters 😀
Sadly the don’t let moles in the NEC in Birmingham (animal health and safety so they told me) so I didn’t get to go to the ETO show or awards ceremony. Which means I missed out on perving on Kerry Louise who was also there. If you want to check out who else won any of the other categories then visit the ETO website here.

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